The GeedTone Story

Greedtone Story



Solid Aluminum Case.
Everything is hand built and durable as all hell!
Silver wire with Teflon jacket. So they are bulletproof.
Silver mica caps for cleaner highs.
Greedtone was founded in 1992 by professional audio engineer Greg Williamson.What Do We Do?

We sell the Greedtone Amps, Cabs, and Overdrive Pedals to professional players all over the world. All Greedtone products are hand built at The Bionic Ear shop in Seattle. We also do custom work and mods on electronics and audio equipment, as well as being involved in many exciting new product developments. From modifications to custom mic pre’s, effects pedals and amps. We’ve got you covered!


Every amp is hand built by Greg. At Greedtone, it is about the component to component. We don’t do the board down the middle and send wire everywhere. We put all the parts where they need to be. It’s not the fast way, but the right way. Our transformers come from Mercury Magnetics with extra long leads. That way we can run our wires continues through the amp without breaking them.

How’s Your Tone?

“Most overdrive and distortion pedals just turn into white noise when you crank up the distortion, dropping the low end altogether, and just throwing a buzz over your highs.”, Greg says. “Second, if they have any low end at all, it’s usually pretty darn sloppy.”

Not one to settle for second best, Greg set out on a relentless pursuit to achieve distortion pedal perfection. After years of tinkering, testing, and research, he created what is today known as the Greedtone Overdrive pedal.

Better Highs

We use Silver Mica caps in the tone circuit for cleaning highs. Its honest sound makes it the perfect choice for guitar, bass, and keyboard players, even if you just use it as a volume, gain or tone booster. It’ll fill out your lows and highs alike, creating a much better, and tighter sound than anything you’ve ever heard before!

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