Two Heads & Cabs, in two Weeks

Two Heads & Cabs, in two Weeks

On a Saturday, late in March of 2013, Greedtone founder Greg Williamson received a very exciting message from California. The message was a head up. Josh Homme, the frontman of the bands Queens of the Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures, had just played Greedtone’s guitar amplifier, the J-Hi 100. Josh had fallen in love with it, and would be calling Greg very soon.

Josh said, “I love it. I need two amps and two cabinets, in two weeks, to start rehearsals for the next tour. Can you do it?” And Greg said, “Yeah, I’ll make it happen.”

Greg launched the campaign immediately to assemble the best team of personnel he could pull for the rush order. In three days, when the deal finalized, the group set out to make the order. It was intense. The shortest days were 12 hours. The longest days were 22. Then, while the glue between the bodies and red Tolex that Josh requested was still drying, the team and amps and cabinets all headed south from Seattle. In a day and a half, we arrived in LA (two weeks to the day) and went directly to the Queens of the Stone Age studio.

After the amps were fired up, and Josh played through them for about 20 minutes, he handed the guitar off, turned to Greg with a big grin on his face, and said, “well, that’s going to work for me.” And the rest is history.